Carl Zeller

Stage Direction | Lighting Design Sebastian Ritschel
Musical Director Manuel Pujol
Set Design | Costume Design Heike Mirbach
Choreography Dan Pelleg, Marko E. Weigert
Dramaturgy Ronny Scholz
Choir Manuel Pujol
Premiere 08.10.2011 | GHT Görlitz-Zittau


Adam Alexander Voigt
Christel Laura Scherwitzl
Kurfürstin Marie Audrey Larose Zicat
Baronin Adelaide Patricia Bänsch
Baron Weps Tim Stolte
Graf Stanislaus Adam Sanchez
Schneck Egill Arni Palsson
Professor Süffle Konstantin Krisch
Professor Würmchen Hans-Peter Struppe
  Tanzcompany des GHT Görlitz-Zittau
  Chor des GHT Görlitz-Zittau
  Neue Lausitzer Philharmonie


Jens Daniel Schubert - Sächsische Zeitung

Of birds and other animals!

Sebastian Ritschel staged the operetta "Der Vogelhändler" in Görlitz as a tremendous pleasure. At the premiere on Saturday the audience was surprised and increasingly enthusiastic. The idea of staging the sentimental-conservative story as an animalistic panopticon proved to be a concept as entertaining as promising. Especially since it has been realized with ingenuity, great dedication and professional skill. [...]

The most vocally convincing performance of the evening came from the homogeneous and sophisticated sounding choir, the more it integrated itself precisely and disciplined through play and agitation in the strictly choreographed staging concept. [...]

But director Sebastian Ritschel does not interpret animal masks psychologically, but uses them, together with the choreographers Dan Pelleg and Marko E. Weigert, to find characterizing movement patterns for the characters, typifying attitudes and effective arrangements.

With the modern, intense and almost acrobatic choreographed dance company the scenes get rhythm and additionally funny refractions. Everything has its place, the songs of "Ahnderl" and "Kirschbaum", of the "Rosen in Tirol" and of "Christel von der Post", but in a slightly different context.

Süffle (Konstantin Krisch) and Würmchen (Hans-Peter Struppe) have blossomed into the piece accompanying zoology professors. Staged as wonderfully exaggerated parodies the two analyze, categorize and comment everything. In the end, it is the third-pairing behavior of peregrine falcon and pigeon, which leads without any scientific interpretation to large success: Thundering applause for an entertaining adaptation of Carl Zeller's "Der Vogelhändler" ...